Missouri State Wide Imagery Program

The Missouri GIS Advisory Council’s Data Development Committee is developing a plan for state-wide leaf off imagery using the state’s recently awarded Photogrammetric Services contract. The state contract has been designed for local government; four contractors have been pre-qualified allowing state and local government to obtain bids from each contractor without having to go through the Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

The committee plan is to encourage local governments to use the contract during the same flying season, the larger the area being flown the cheaper it is per square miles. Currently the Columbia to Jefferson City region, the East West Gateway region, and several cities have indicated interest for 2015, while the Mid-America region and several other counties need imagery in 2014. All the cities and counties that have shown interest to date need six inch imagery but the contract allows for other resolutions. If enough local governments agree to fly during the same flying season, the state can cooperate with the local government in exchange for having that imagery resampled to the ½ meter resolution they need, and pay for the remainder of the state at the lower resolution. Due to tight budgets this will be a multi-year project as was done in 2007-09. We would also like to make this an ongoing program where you would know that your region of the state would be flown every two-four years and you could plan accordingly.

If you are interested in this project please contact the Office of Geospatial Information State of Missouri Office of Administration at 573-522-5654. I will add you to the mailing list, and if you send a shapefile will also add your area to the map. Our next step is to obtain estimates for this work; the estimates will be more accurate if we have your area included.

Tracy Schloss, GIS Director
Office of Geospatial Information
State of Missouri Office of Administration