Contract Process

The Missouri Office of Geospatial Information and the Missouri GIS Advisory Council’s Data Development Committee sponsors the cooperative contract for photogrammetric services offered by the State of Missouri. The contract includes related deliverables, not just imagery, such as planimetric mapping and LiDAR. This cooperative contract is designed for levels of government within the state, and is not limited to state agency use.

Since all state-wide imagery projects are a cooperative process, the update frequency varies.  The interval between projects is determined by polling various state agencies to determine their current needs and available funds. (Agencies contribute the majority of the funds for these projects out of their own budgets.) Once there is a level of interest from multiple agencies, the current service contract is utilized to award a state-wide project, which takes 2 years to complete. 

In the past, a service contract was only in place during the years that state-wide acquisition was being conducted. However, since 2015, a photogrammetric contract has continued to be available, outside the window of large acquisitions.   

In October 2020, a new request for proposals (RFP) was released, allowing vendors who offer these services an opportunity to be pre-approved for these services.  Contracts are for one year, with two 1-year extensions built into the contract.

Contracts were awarded to 4 vendors in August of 2021 with built in renewals until 2024. Contracts are available on the State of Missouri web site Contracts are discovered either by a keyword search on ‘photogrammetric’, or by searching by contract number: CS210470001, CS210470002, CS210470003, CS21070004 (the individual contract numbers for these 4 vendors).